Fall 2018
Mobile App
Advised by Yoon Chung Han

Achieving financial stability is a struggle many understand. Investing is a solution to achieve long-term stability, but starting out can be tough, especially if finding money to invest is a obstacle as well. Through combining budgeting and investing features, Limits provides a controlled and easy way to save and make more money.

Budgeting and Investing



Existing Apps and Analysis

There are apps such as Robinhood and Acorns, which makes investing simple and easy. Acorns is my main inspiration for Limits. This app rounds up user's transactions to the nearest dollar and invests that change. As a user of Acorns, and as a college student who experiences financial struggles, I always find myself with a suspended account because I have insufficient funds to put in my investing account. Instead of using spare change, Limits would use the surplus from successful monthly budgets, which is a more controlled and guarenteed source of funds to invest.

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User Flow

The main goal for the user is to save and make money. The user is required to input their preference for a budget in the start or if they would like to make adjustments. After, the app is used for monitoring their budget and investing account.

user flow





User Journey

user journey