Cereal Box Reconstruction

Fall 2019
Advised by Randall Sexton

This project deepened our understanding of core concepts of graphic design through a deconstruction and reconstruction process of content from a cereal box of our choosing.


The deconstruction phase

While keeping the content to its core was the same, I experimented with imagery, scale, color, and form in order to create a new narrative. The cereal I chose was Lucio Oh’s, a cereal inspired by a character from the video game Overwatch. Lucio is known for being fast and his ability to speed up his teammates. The new narrative emphasizes a whimsical perspective of the character’s speed. I deconstructed all content to basic geometrical shapes and placed them on a 22x18 poster.

thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail

After, I replaced all shapes with a combination of imagery from the cereal box and other imagery related to the new narrative. The angles, arrows, and italic type supports the narrative of movement throughout the poster.

thumbnail thumbnail thumbnail


I then translated the poster back into the form of a unique cereal box, having the form also comply with the newly established visual language.

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