Marc Montenegro

Catholicism, cold brew coffee, chest day, cameras, my computer, and more to come.  

Hello! My name is Marc Montenegro. I was born and raised in San José, California. I recently graduated from San José State University in Graphic Design and am now currently looking to expand my experience through work.

I find great joy and interest in designing through practicality and controlled recklessness. Though design choices should not be arbitrary, sometimes we would not know if we do not try. With rationality and instinct, I push forward with my design, embracing failure in order to reiterate and improve.

I also love the feeling of successfully pushing myself in all things I do: when I spend the time and effort on a project, make an amazing cup of cold brew, or clean every inch of my desk.

My hope is to learn and grow as a designer through hands-on experience with other designers. I am eager to be able to provide high-quality service through high-quality design. I want to learn in order to create, and create in order to learn.