Dr. Nature

Fall 2019
3D Branding
Advised by Joe Miller

As consumers grow more interest in organic hair care products, a wise decision for a brand is to provide a reliable and trustworthy presence in the market . My goal was to develop a visual identity that does this and translate it into a P.O.P store in a mall.


Inspired by science.

The Dr. Nature brand is a science-inspired brand that was developed to express the product's credibility. If people are interested in what’s in their shampoo and conditioner, the brand goes out of its way to reassure consumers that Dr. Nature knows what he’s talking about. Dr. Nature's visual identity is inspired by organic chemistry. Each product is named after its active ingredient, and they are represented by its molecular structure. The benefits of the active ingredient are also provided to educate consumers.

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P.O.P Site

Providing accessible products.

In order to provide easy access to Dr. Nature products, P.O.P. sites would be found in malls, where consumers can refill their shampoo and conditioner. Cohesively incorporating the brand into a 3D site provides a strong presence that is easy to identify.

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The reason behind the approach.

The market for hair care products is increasing and is projected to become even more popular each year. Among these products, organic shampoo and conditioner are the most popular ones. People want to be conscious about what they put on their bodies more now than ever. The existing market consists of several products that provide unconvincing information to none at all about how their products lead to healthier hare, rather than just better smelling hair. And although there are some brands that sell organic products, only a few would brand themselves as such.

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